Are you moving your company into new premises?

TZT is offering the moving of companies and their offices. We will pack your belongings in a way which is beneficial to the running and flow of the company.
Surely, you wish to be in the new offices so that you can return to work in the fullest. Leave the moving to us!

Moving a company is never an easy task - we know how to save your time, and avoid stress.

With our generous wealth of experience, we know which difficult steps must be taken to successfully move your company. This is why we look closely at every order, and handle it with great care. Often, when people pack up their own offices, they don't do a good enough job and the cargo gets damaged. This is why we recommend you leave it to us! Let our employees come and access every situation and be very clear about his intentions. We also offer moving without the presence of your employees. Simply give us the keys and tell us how you'd like it - the rest is up to us!

Our inspection is non-binding; meaning we will send an employee who will access your situation, offer advice with his experience; And ultimately, send the personalized offer. After this its up to you, whether you wish to employ us.

Don't hesitate to contact us, we will work out a non-binding pricing offer.

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