Households, companies, warehouses, international moving


Short-term and long-term storage of property


Disposal of unnecessary property, clearing of premises


Assembling furniture, small manual work


The first step in moving with TZT is a pre-move survey, which is free of charge- during the survey we will explain the pacing, moving and advise you on how to prepare for the moving. Then we will send you a quote and after that, you will decide whether to use our services.or not.

Moving of companies, offices, warehouses, offices or archives - We will systematically pack your items and equipment so that the company's activities are affected as little as possible.

Moving of flats and houses - Your moving will be quick and "painless". Our priority is that you do not have any worries during the moving,, if it‘s necessary we will pack and unpack everything for you.

Road transport, shipping and air transport anywhere in the world. With our long-standing and international partners, we cover the whole world and move you anywhere in the world on "turnkey".


Do you need to store your property, but you have no place for it? It does not matter at all! We will store smaller and larger volumes for you in the short and long term.


Do you need to get rid of old things? We will get rid of unnecessary things such as old furniture, electrical appliances, iron and construction waste. After clearing, we will immediately clean the space so that you can immediately use the newly created space.


Do you need skilful hands, tools or car for transport? We will be happy to provide you our skilled guys, quality tools and reliable car for transport.


If you are interested in one or more of our services, fill out this simple form and we will contact you. We are looking forward to our cooperation!