Are you in need of storing your belongings? We have a solution - use our storage feature!

In case you feel you've collected too many things over the years; we can offer both short & long term storage solutions!We can store your goods, seasonal equipment, or a variety of things while you rebuild your home/office. It all depends only on your requests, don't hesitate to contact us.

Storage of goods

Are you re-painting, moving or lack a garage or basement to store your things? Not a problem!We can store all your things for the duration of your choosing. Our warehouse is securely held, monitored by a camera system. Your goods are held indoors - in palette stands, or wooden crates. Our warehouse is also additionally covered against vandalism and natural disasters. All of your stored goods are well documented, and you are well informed what is stored where.
Our storage service includes packing & transport.

Na nezáväznú obhliadku vieme prísť tak, aby sme vás čo najmenej obmedzovali. Vieme sa prispôsobiť Vašim požiadavkám – možeme Vám poskytnúť baliaci material, ak sa rozhodnete baliť samostatne a  nás použijete iba ako prepravcov a na uskladnenie. Naše služby sú vždy šité na mieru.

Don't hesitate to contact us, we will work out a non-binding pricing offer.

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